Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Top 20 Things We No Longer Say

20. "Let's spend a relaxing, low-key weekend at the Jersey shore."

19. "It's a GREAT investment —- real estate always goes up!"

18. "I'm all giddy in anticipation for the Sears Christmas Catalog!"

17. "Would somebody please answer the damn phone?

16. "Mission accomplished!"

15. "I can't wait for that new M. Night Shyamalan movie."

14. "How come we've never seen any pictures of your cousin's stepsister's friend's baby?"

13. "Oh, boy! TV dinners tonight!"

12. "Famous people are boring —- why don't they do a show about talentless losers like me?"

11. "No dessert for me."

10. "It took me three days, but I might have just made the most rad mix tape EVER!"

 9. "Man, that Kathleen Turner is SMOKING hot!"

 8. "You can't go wrong with a Patriots tight end on your fantasy team."

 7. "I wonder what that actress looks like naked."

 6. "Work just paged me. Where's the nearest pay phone?"

 5. "A vampire movie? Nah, girls hate that stuff. Take her to a chick flick."

 4. "Man, I wish there were some way the entire world could see how incredibly *fabulous* I look in my underwear in this bathroom mirror reflection!"

 3. "Congress isn't that stupid."

 2. "How many am I allowed? Three? Okay, in that case, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, and OJ Simpson."

And the Number One Thing We No Longer Say...

1. "Could you imagine if *Grandma* hadd a huge dragon tattoo on her back?"

(Thanks, Chris!)

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 This day in History

Lead Story
Jimmy Hoffa disappears, 1975
American Revolution
Marquis de Lafayette becomes a major-general without pay, 1777
"First Lady" of NASCAR Louise Smith born, 1916
Civil War
Union General George Thomas is born in Virginia, 1816
Cold War
Senator Robert A. Taft dies, 1953
Jimmy Hoffa vanishes, 1975
Hurricane sinks Spanish treasure ships, 1715
General Interest
Ignatius of Loyola dies, 1556
Fugitive Vichy leader surrenders in Austria, 1945
Ranger 7 photographs moon, 1964
J.K. Rowling born, 1965
Daniel Defoe is put in the pillory, 1703
Ahmet Ertegun is born in Istanbul, Turkey, 1923
Old West
Apache scout Martine dies, 1937
Former President Andrew Johnson dies, 1875
Nolan Ryan wins 300th game, 1990
Vietnam War
Agreement on conduct of war, 1964
Hanoi claims that U.S. bombers have struck dikes, 1972
World War I
Third Battle of Ypres begins in Flanders, 1917
World War II
Goering orders Heydrich to prepare for the Final Solution, 1941

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