Monday, November 21, 2011

Home Depot Customer

Home Depot Customer

My friends, I give you . . 

This picture is real and was taken by a Transportation
Supervisor for a company that delivers building materials
for 84 Lumber. When he saw it in the parking lot of IHOP,
he went to buy a camera to take pictures.

The car is still running, as can be witnessed by the exhaust.

The driver finally came back after the police were called,
and was found crouched behind the rear of the car, attempting 
to cut the twine around the load! Luckily, the police stopped him 
and had the load removed.

The materials were loaded at Home Depot. Their store manager
said they made the customer sign a waiver.

While the plywood and 2X4s are fairly obvious, what you can't see
is the back seat, which contains -- are you ready for this? -- 
10 bags of concrete @ 80 lbs. each!

They estimated the load weight at 3000 lbs. Both back tires exploded,
the wheels bent and the rear shocks were driven through the floorboard.

A suspicious husband hired a private eye to check on the movements of his wife. In addition to a written report, the husband wanted a video of his wife's activities.
A week later, the detective returned with a film. They sat down together and proceeded to watch it.
Although the quality was less than professional, the man saw his wife meeting another man! He saw the two of them strolling arm in arm and laughing in the park. He saw them enjoying themselves at an outdoor cafe. He saw them dancing in a dimly lit nightclub. He saw them take part in a dozen activities with utter glee.
"I just can't believe this," said the distraught husband.
"What's not to believe?" the detective said. "It's right up there on the screen!"
"I simply can't believe my wife could be so much fun!" the husband  replied.                                                          

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Birthday Boy Harold Ramis
A psychologist said to me, there are only two important questions you have to ask yourself. What do you really feel? And, what do you really want? If you can answer those two, you probably can leave your neuroses behind you.
Harold Ramis

Acting is all about big hair and funny props... All the great actors knew it. Olivier knew it, Brando knew it.
Harold Ramis

As much as we'd like to believe that our work is great and that we're infallible, we're not. Hollywood movies are made for the audience. These are not small European art films we're making.
Harold Ramis

I believe things happen that can't be explained, but so many people seem intent on explaining them. Everyone has an answer for them. Either aliens or things from the spirit world.
Harold Ramis

I feel a big obligation to the audience, almost in a moral sense, to say something useful. If I'm going to spend a year of my life on these things, I want something that I feel that strongly about.
Harold Ramis

You just make sure you don't screw it up. It's going to work as long as you don't mess it up. Hopefully you have plenty of those moments in a big comedy.
Harold Ramis

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