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The Legend of St Valentine

St Valentine's day history goes back to Roman times.  The emperor Claudius II was a student of human nature and way back in AD 287 he calculated that single men made braver soldiers than married men.  Therefore, as Claudius had absolute power, he dictated than no soldier should marry.  A Roman called Valentinus thought that this was rough justice and secretly married soldiers who had a sweetheart.
When Claudius discovered that Valentinus had defied his decree he threw Valentinus into jail.  Whilst incarcerated, Valentinus fell in love with the gaoler's daughter and sent her the first ever card - from your sweet Valentine.  St Valentine 14th Feburary

St Valentine

Much later, in AD 496 Pope Gelasius, chose 14 February as the day to honour and remember Saint Valentine.  Unfortunately, tantalisingly little is known about these early origins of St Valentine.
In the history of St Valentine's day, it is the 17th century which was the most important and truly romantic era.  The 14th of February became important as a day to exchange love notes by sending poems and gifts. Sometimes dances and small festivals were held.
In modern times, 1416, Charles, Duke of Orleans, sent one of the earliest Valentines, from his imprisonment in the Tower of London after the Battle of Agincourt.  He sent several Valentine poems to his wife in France. 


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