Monday, March 11, 2013

Getting Older

I'm not impressed with getting older,
It doesn't seem like a lot of fun,
Every joint seems to be seizing up,
And my feet won't let me run,

I don't hear as well as I used to,
My sight has never been good,
I'm still too slim, not curvy,
In spite of eating lots of pud!

I know now that I'll never be rounded,
Although for many years I've tried,
To grow a bosom I could catch crumbs on.
But my wish has been denied.

I suppose that I'm still quite bendy,
In spite of advancing years,
I'm able to push my head on my knees,
Without a hint of tears!

One of my greatest pleasures,
Is a long, long soak in the tub,
Up to my chin in bubbles,
and a bestseller from the book club.

I've always been impatient,
Some things never alter,
But now I want things yesterday,
Ask him indoors John Walter!

I guess I shouldn't grumble,
Things could be so much worse,
I could explode with impatience,
...and end up in a hearse !!

 by Pam Harman 



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1952 - Douglas Adams
1908 - Lawrence Welk
1931 - Rupert Murdoch
1979 - Joel Madden
1950 - Bobby McFerrin


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Lead Story
Paul McCartney knighted, 1997
American Revolution
Congress establishes the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1779
Toyota sells 1 millionth hybrid in U.S., 2009
Civil War
President Lincoln shuffles the Union command, 1862
Cold War
Mikhail Gorbachev picked to succeed Chernenko, 1985
COPS makes TV debut, 1989
Great Blizzard of '88 hits East Coast, 1888
General Interest
Confederate constitution adopted, 1861
FDR signs Lend-Lease, 1941
MacArthur leaves Corregidor, 1942
Lithuania proclaims its independence, 1990
Terrorists bomb trains in Madrid, 2004
COPS debuts on Fox, 1989
Frankenstein published, 1818
Lawrence Welk is born, 1903
Old West
Gunslinger Ben Thompson dies, 1884
Truman thanks Herbert Hoover for aiding post-WWII reconstruction, 1947
Newspaper reports signing of so-called Chief Tokohama, 1901
Vietnam War
Heavy battle rages during Operation Junction City, 1967
World War I
First cases reported in deadly influenza epidemic, 1918
World War II
MacArthur leaves the Philippines, 1942



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