Friday, April 12, 2013

A bit of religous humor

A Jewish businessman in Chicago sent his son to Israel for a year to  absorb the culture. When the son returned, he said, "Papa, I had a great  time in Israel. By the way, I converted to Christianity."
"Oy vey," said the father. "What have I done?"
He took his problem to his best friend. "Ike," he  said, "I sent my son to Israel, and he came home a Christian. What can I  do?" "Funny you  should ask," said Ike. "I too, sent my son to Israel, and he also came  home a Christian. Perhaps we should go see the rabbi. So they did,  and they explained  their problem to the rabbi.
"Funny you should ask," said the rabbi. "I, too, sent my son to Israel, and he also came home a Christian. What is happening to our young people?"
And so they all prayed, telling the Lord about their sons. As they finished their prayer, a voice came from the Heavens:
"Funny you should ask," said the booming voice: "I, too, sent my Son to Israel!

Morning funnies

Sponge Cake


Birthdays on April 12th
 ( my oldest grandson turns 4 today)


Blast from the past



This day in History

Lead Story
The Civil War begins, 1861
American Revolution
British repeal hated Townshend Act, 1770
Founder of classic British sports car company is born, 1888
Civil War
Fort Sumter fired upon, 1861
Cold War
President Franklin D. Roosevelt dies, 1945
Galileo is convicted of heresy, 1633
Fire threatens Massachusetts oil refineries, 1908
General Interest
The Fort Pillow Massacre, 1864
President Roosevelt dies, 1945
First man in space, 1961
First launching of the space shuttle, 1981
First movie “palace” opens, 1914
Legal thriller writer Scott Turow is born, 1949
Bill Haley and the Comets record "Rock Around The Clock", 1954
Old West
First gentile governor arrives in Utah, 1858
FDR dies, 1945
Lawrence Taylor drafted by NY Giants, 1981
Vietnam War
Rostow recommends escalation of effort, 1961
U.S. Embassy in Cambodia evacuated, 1975
World War I
Canadians capture Vimy Ridge, 1917
World War II
Roosevelt dies, 1945

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