Monday, December 5, 2011

Is it Monday Already?

Medical residents at the costume party

An atrocious pun about the medical students' Halloween costume! Enjoy!
Two medical residents were invited to a costume party after their shift ended. They stopped at the Army/Navy store to see if they could find costumes but but only had enough money to buy one pair of fatigues, which they purchased.
One wore the top half and one one wore the bottom half.
Q: What were they dressed as?
A: An upper and lower GI.

Isn’t it strange?

Isn’t it strange how a 20 dollar bill seems like such a large amount when you donate it to church, but such a small amount when you go shopping?
Isn’t it strange how 2 hours seem so long when you ‘ re at church, and how
short they seem when you ‘ re watching a good movie?
Isn’t it strange that you can ‘ t find a word to say when you ‘ re praying have no trouble thinking what to talk about with a friend?
Isn’t it strange how difficult and boring it is to read one chapter of the Bible but
how easy it is to read 100 pages of a popular novel?
Isn’t it strange how everyone wants front-row-tickets to concerts or games but
they do whatever is possible to sit at the last row Church?
Isn’t it strange how we need to know about an event for Church 2-3 weeks before the day so we can include it in our agenda, but we can adjust it for other events in the last minute?
Isn’t it strange how difficult it is to learn a fact about God to share it with others; but how easy it is to learn, understand, extend and repeat gossip?
Isn’t it strange how we believe everything that magazines and newspapers say but we question the words in the Bible?
Isn’t it strange how everyone wants a place in heaven but they don’t want to believe, do, or say anything to get there?
Isn’t it strange how we send jokes in e-mails and they are forwarded right away, but when we are going to send messages about God, we think about it twice before we share it with others?
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Todays Quote
Brigham Young( First Governor of Utah)
A good man, is a good man, whether in this church, or out of it.
Brigham Young

Any young man who is unmarried at the age of twenty one is a menace to the community.
Brigham Young

Don't try to tear down other people's religion about their ears, Build up your own perfect structure of truth, and invite your listeners to enter in and enjoy it's glories.
Brigham Young

Education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in the worlds work, and the power to appreciate life.
Brigham Young

Honest hearts produce honest actions.
Brigham Young

I don't care about my character here on earth.I don't care about what other people think or say about me, all I care about is my standing before the Lord.
Brigham Young

I want to live perfectly above the law, and make it my servant instead of my master.
Brigham Young

If I had a choice of educating my daughters or my sons because of opportunity constraints, I would choose to educate my daughters.
Brigham Young

In the adversity of our best friends we often find something that does not displease us.
Brigham Young

It is wise for us to forget our troubles, there are always new ones to replace them.
Brigham Young

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Love the giver more than the gift.
Brigham Young

Nature is the glass reflecting God, as by the sea reflected is the sun, too glorious to be gazed on in his sphere.
Brigham Young

Never let a day pass that you will have cause to say, I will do better tomorrow.
Brigham Young

Remember, a chip on the shoulder is a sure sign of wood higher up.
Brigham Young

Silence may be golden, but can you think of a better way to entertain someone than to listen to him?
Brigham Young

The biggest labor problem is tomorrow.
Brigham Young

There is no knowledge, no light, no wisdom that you are in possession of, but what you have received it from some source.
Brigham Young

True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what's right.
Brigham Young

We should never permit ourselves to do anything that we are not willing to see our children do.
Brigham Young

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