Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Choose the Right One

A young man excitedly tells his mother he's fallen in love and going to get married. He says, "Just for fun, Ma, I'm going to bring over 3 women and you try and guess which one I'm going to marry."

The mother agrees.

The next day, he brings three beautiful women into the house and sits them down on the couch and they chat for a while. He then says, "Okay, Ma, guess which one I'm going to marry."

She immediately replies, "The one in the middle."

"That's amazing, Ma. You're right. How did you know?"

"I don't like her."


Morning Pic Dump


Birthdays on November 28th
1757 - William Blake
1962 - Jon Stewart
1944 - Rita Mae Brown
1967 - Anna Nicole Smith
1908 - Claude Levi-Strauss


Todays Pic Dump

They say nothing is impossible
I do nothing all day- Winnie the Pooh

Blast from the Past

Afternoon Funnies


This Day in History

Magellan reaches the Pacific, 1520
American Revolution
John Adams replaces Silas Deane, 1777
Duryea Motor Wagon wins first car race in U.S., 1895
Civil War
North and South skirmish at the Battle of Cane Hill, 1862
Cold War
Czechoslovakian Communist Party gives up monopoly on political power, 1989
A media controversy ignites over the case of Tawana Brawley, 1987
Plane crashes over Antarctica, 1979
General Interest
Lady Astor becomes MP, 1919
Jeffrey Dahmer murdered in prison, 1994
Talk-show host and comedian Jon Stewart born, 1962
William Shakespeare marries Anne Hathaway, 1582
The Shangri-Las score a #1 hit with "Leader Of The Pack", 1964
Old West
The Grand Ole Opry begins broadcasting, 1925
FDR attends Tehran Conference, 1943
Frank Duryea wins first U.S. horseless-carriage race, 1895
Vietnam War
Johnson advised to bomb North Vietnam, 1964
The Philippines agrees to send troops to South Vietnam, 1965
World War I
New York Stock Exchange resumes bond trading , 1914
World War II
Enrico Fermi, architect of the nuclear age, dies, 1954


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